Managing iPads – Configurator 2 Workshops

Wednesday 24th February Think3 is presenting updated workshops on the use of Configurator 2 to manage iPads in schools. This workshops, for both existing Configurator users and those new to managing iPads, will cover: Methods for setup and management of shared or individual iPads Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP) for purchasing apps Creating and installing Profiles to manage settings Using Apple … Read More

wazmacManaging iPads – Configurator 2 Workshops

Latest updates for Google Forms

Last week Google announced a list of new features available in the recently updated Google Forms. The latest update includes: new templates that are pre-populated with suggested questions based on your planned use; the ability to see who has completed your form and who hasn’t; a new Forms Add-on shop; new notification features. Check out more details of the new features >>>

wazmacLatest updates for Google Forms

See five planets aligned

Wednesday 10th February 2016 After a frustrating few weeks of constant cloud, the current clear skies provide an ideal opportunity to check out the alignment of the five visible planets in the early morning sky. Until the 20th February, all five visible planets will sit in a line from the horizon, for the first time since 2005. Dr Alan Duffy, research fellow … Read More

wazmacSee five planets aligned

Safer Internet Day (& 2Gb Free for Drive!)

Wednesday 10th February 2016 Google is encouraging you to check your account security today, topping up your free Drive account with an extra 2 Gb of space in return for you taking less than 2 minutes to check your account security. Complete the short checking process, and you will have an additional 2 Gb added to your Drive account. (And … Read More

wazmacSafer Internet Day (& 2Gb Free for Drive!)