Is your school ready for an ICT Makeover?

PlanningTuesday 15th March 2016

Of the many components in a school’s learning environment, the most constantly-changing physical component is undoubtably ICT.

The speed of this change has been accelerating as the broader community rapidly adopts and ‘normalises’ the use of online and mobile technologies in their day-to-day lives.

In comparison with this community background, many schools’ ICT offerings are now looking a little tired and outdated. Lots of ‘same-old’ ICT has been happening in many schools for the last 10 years – research, copy, paste, summarise, print, hand-in!

So, where do we start when planning to haul a school into the modern ICT era? How do we give our school an ICT makeover so that the curriculum transparently embraces new and emerging technologies? 

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wazmacIs your school ready for an ICT Makeover?