iMac iPad & ChromebookSchools have moved quickly from maintaining banks of desktop computers in ‘labs’, accessed by classes through a booking roster, to supporting mobile ICT devices that are available whenever required during regular class time.

In past years school budgets have played a significant role in providing (and managing) school-owned technology resources for students. This is rapidly transforming to a role of providing and managing the network and other peripheral resources for access by both school-owned and student-owned mobile devices. (See Budget as an ICT transition Indicator)

The widespread adoption of ‘cloud’ resources has moved the focus of school technology from the management of the device to the services that are accessible by the device.

While schools may continue to play a role in maintaining some devices for use by teachers, students and school administrators, the community uptake of new technologies is rapidly moving the school ICT focus to supporting the integration of student-owned equipment in curriculum-related activities.

Where individual staff or students are using their own devices on the school network, it is likely that those individuals will be responsible for maintaining their own devices, and maintaining the software installed on those devices.

Below are some resources to support planning for the use of ICT devices to support the curriculum.

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