Class Web SiteA key element of any online environment for your class is an up-to-date web site, linked to class activities and projects.

A class web site can be a sub-section of a broader school web site, or a stand-alone site. Either way, a class web site can provide students with a gateway to online resources specifically related to class activities, projects, units of work and collaborative discussions, while keeping the school community informed of learning projects and other activities.

A class web site may be anything from a simple one-page blog (a good entry-level option) through to a comprehensive gateway to many of the resources shown below…

Online classroom structure


Where to start?
There are a number of no-cost options available for teachers to create a class web site. Below are examples of basic stand-alone class web sites created using free online software options that require little expertise to get up and running, along with associated Quickstart guides …. 
Docs Gateway Web iste options Class web site examples
A basic ‘gateway’ page
using Google Docs
Class web site
options & examples
Real class examples
How-to: Guides for beginners
Weebly Weebly - iOS Weebly
Create a new site
Weebly – Publish News
from an iPhone
Add resources to a site

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