Classroom Collaboration

Learning Management Systems (LMS) such as Moodle have been around for a while now, and have become popular in tertiary and distance education.

However, locally-hosted LMSs are often complicated to setup and time-consuming to maintain.

An alternative category of easy-to-use class collaboration tools has emerged, catering specifically for the needs of K-12 schools – all available as online browser-based services. No local server required.

These services can be used in conjunction with face-to-face teaching to provide an online component within the regular curriculum.

Of course, any of these options can be made easily accessible via a link from the class or school website.

Listed below are some platform options, how-to guides, and other related resources.

Examples & Ideas
  • Australian Places
    A research task for Year 3, linking Google Docs reading sheets to a class web site. Supports classroom discussion about source validity, the collating of relevant ‘facts’, and the synthesising of information and opinions – without the need for a ‘learning system’.
    Australian Places
Related Reading
Reading & Discussion
How-to guides
How-to Guides
  • Chalkup Guides
    Complete range of how-to guides for teachers and students.
Platform Options
Thinking about it


There are a number of options for teachers looking to establish an online collaborative, blended learning environment in their class (alphabetical order)…
  • Big Campus
    Part social network. Part LMS. Part professional development. For K-12.
  • Chalkup
    Online class management platform that is integrated with Google Drive. Assignments, discussions, etc.
  • Edmodo
    K-12 social networking environment – includes groups, assignments, quizzes, parent access, etc.
  • Edu 2.0
    K-12 e-Learning platform with unlimited storage.
  • Google Classroom
    Perfectly integrated with Google Apps for Education, which has unlimited storage.
  • Haiku
    A Learning Management System (LMS) with a social networking component.
  • Moodle
    A structured LMS, but also includes forums, wikis, etc.
  • SchoolBinder
    Track assignments, post discussions, and share media. Includes parent access, etc.
  • Schoology
    Social networking environment and LMS – includes courses, groups, assignments, quizzes, gradebooks, attendance register, albums, web pages, parent access, etc.


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