Alert Please Note: The information below is no longer being updated for new versions of Moodle. With the release of Google Classroom and a number of other online LMS / Class collaboration platforms,  there are several options that may be more suitable than Moodle for your classroom.

MoodleWhat is Moodle?

Moodle is a Course Management System (CMS), often used for remote or distance education, that can be used by educators in regular schools to add an “online” component to their students’ learning environments.

Course Management Systems, also known as Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Virtual Learning Environments (VLE), are accessed using a web browser.

Using such a system, students can access class handouts, web sites, videos and presentations, contribute to class forums, keep learning journals, submit assignments, etc. Teachers can use Moodle to grade assignments, keep gradebooks, monitor and contribute to forums, and so on.

Moodle is open source software, and is installed on a server on your school network. (see

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Please note:
With the release of Google Classroom, these Moodle resources are no longer being updated.
See also: 
Moodle v Google Classroom