Activities, resources and examples for the integration of ICT in the curriculum – more coming soon!

The ‘activities’ below are generic in nature, but the concepts and processes can easily be adapted to various Key Learning Areas, or curriculum study areas, for different age groups. Also useful for professional learning activities.
SAMR SAMR in your classroom
Is technology redefining learning opportunities in your school? Or just more of the same with a new interface?
Bloom's Taxonomy Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy
As educators we must continue to focus on developing an appropriately challenging learning environment for our students, whether or not the activities involve the use of new technologies.
Chart Recording, Graphing, Presenting
Record information in a Google spreadsheet, graph the information, and publish the results in a report.
jupiter-300 Simple resource collection
An example of a simple web page that provides a comparison of the size of planets (and the Sun) in our solar system.
Forms Collecting Information
Rather than record information on paper, then enter into a spreadsheet, students can create a Google form to enter the data. (coming soon)
Flipbooks Flipbooks
Students can use Flipsnack to publish PDF documents as flipbooks on their personal (or class) blogs.
Stop Motion Stop Motion Video
Examples and ideas about creating stop motion videos in classrooms.
iPad info Lesson Activities using iPads
Laura Chaffey provides some great ideas focussed on curriculum outcomes.
Not Digital Learning activities don’t have to be digital!
Choosing appropriate technologies for learning activities – being innovative doesn’t always mean that it has to be digital. (Alice Keeler)
wazmacICT Activities