ChromebookA Chromebook is a laptop computer using Google’s Chrome OS as its operating system.

These devices are designed to be used while connected to the Internet, though some apps, like Google’s office suite (Google Apps) can be used without an Internet connection.

All user data is stored in the cloud, rather than on the device, making Chromebooks ideal for use in a shared-device environment.

Tips and tricks for getting to know your Chromebook
  • Chromebook Management Console
    A web-based management console to configure and manage tens or hundreds of Chromebooks across a school or district.
  • Google Apps Directory Sync
    Automatically provision users and groups based on the user data in your LDAP server, such as Microsoft ADGoogle Apps Directory Sync connects to your Google Apps directory and adds/deletes user accounts to match your existing organisational schema.
  • Hapara
    Optimises Google Apps for schools by structuring Google Apps around classes and students. The Hapara Teacher Dashboard provides a range of management tools for teachers.