Managing multiple devicesAs computer ownership has became more widespread in the community, and schools have moved to 1:1 models for student and teacher computers and mobile devices, the need for mass deployment of school-owned shared devices has declined.

However, the need remains for the provision by schools of some shared devices – laptops or iPads to be used as ‘spares’, faculty ‘labs’ providing access to specialised software such as CAD, 3D modelling, music, etc, or in school-sponsored 1:1 deployments.

This page provides links to information about deploying and managing software images and settings on school-owned computers, including….

  • deploying software images to desktop and laptop computers;
  • managing settings on desktop and laptop computers;
  • deploying apps and updates to iPads;
  • managing settings on iPads;
  • managing Chromebook settings and apps.

These models also assume that all users’ files and personal data is stored off the device, on a local or cloud server.

Multiple Macs  Multiple iPad management
Desktop & Laptop Computers iPads
(School-owned, Shared) (School-owned, Shared)


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