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Network InstallersThe days of installing your own network cabling or network equipment are long gone.

If you need to install any network cabling at your school, active network equipment such as switches in cabinets, wireless access points (WAPs) in classrooms or offices, or any other network equipment, you need to contact qualified professionals.

Poorly installed equipment not only raises issues relating to workplace health and safety, but also long term reliability issues that may ultimately discourage reluctant teachers from engaging with new technologies, and detract from the dynamics of online learning environments in your school.

The companies below are NSW Government approved network equipment suppliers and/or network and wireless access point (WAP) installers and should be your first port of call for a quote when considering installing or upgrading the data network in your school – see www.procurepoint.nsw.gov.au for more details.

For other jurisdictions refer to the appropriate government agencies in your area.

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