Cloud ServersAs high speed internet access has become ubiquitous (even over the mobile phone network), and people access their files on multiple devices in multiple locations, remote file storage has become very popular.

Remote storage provides student and teacher access to files and shared resources from home, from school, on desktop computers, laptop computers, smartphones and tablets.

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Integrated services for schools
Google Drive Google Guides & Videos Google Apps 
Google Drive
Google Apps
Google Apps
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Google Classroom    
Google Classroom
File Storage
Google Drive dropbox-200 Box
Google Drive Dropbox Box
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OneDrive Sync Compare Cloud Providers

See also: Cloud Providers’ Privacy Policies

Google Apps Google Drive OneDrive
Google Apps
for Education
 Google Drive OneDrive 
Google Guides & Videos    
Google Apps
Web Publishing
WordPress Weebly  Google Sites
WordPress Weebly Google Sites 
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