OS X Server information and service overview guides
OSX Server

OS X Server
Official Apple information about the latest version of OS X Server.

OSX Server

OS X Server Administration
Official Apple admin notes

Tech Republic

Setting up OS X Server – Tech Republic
Getting started setting up OS X Server (Mavericks) and a description of its main features.

ARS Technica

Power users guide to OS X Server (Mavericks)
Installing, configuring, and using OS X Server (Mavericks)

Step by step OS X Server setup notes
Wazza's OS X Server Notes

Wazza’s OS X Server Setup Notes (10.6, 10.7, 10.9)
Step-by-step notes for installing and configuring basic services on OS X Server in a K-12 school.

OS X Server Utilities
Passenger Passenger
Import bulk users
OS X Server User Import Manager – import bulk users from OASIS (NSW DEC Schools)
Workgroup Manager WorkGroup Manager (Mavericks)
Manage profiles, preferences etc, on older OS X client computers. Configure services not yet supported by Server app.
DeployStudio DeployStudio
Re-image computers across the network.
wazmacOS X Server