Cloud AppsCloud Apps are applications and services that are hosted on a remote server rather than being installed on your computer or mobile device. These applications and services are usually accessed through a web browser, but can also have a local component installed on your device for access when there is no Internet access available.

Files that are stored or edited on a remote server are also able to be easily shared with individuals or groups – for either viewing or collaborative editing.

Below are some Cloud Apps that lend themselves to use in K-12 schools, as either curriculum or administration tools, have a free version, and can be accessed from any platform or device.

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Write a story or a report Google Docs Blogger

Google Apps 
– Zoho Docs 
– Learn WordPress

Zoho EduBlogs
One Drive WordPress
Edit collaboratively Google Docs Zoho – Google Apps 
– Zoho Docs 
– OneDrive 
One Drive  
Create a newsletter (DTP) lucidpress-f-400   Lucidpress
Take some notes Evernote   – Evernote 
Publish a flipbook Flipsnack   – PDF > Flipbook 
Collect Information Google Forms   – Google Apps
Organise information Google Sheets   – Google Apps
Share information Google Slides Prezi

– Google Apps
– Blogger 
– Edublogs

EduBlogs Blogger
Google Docs  
Create an online learning environment Google Classroom Chalkup


Edmodo Moodle
Make a drawing Google Draw   – Google Apps
Edit a video YouTube Editor   YouTube Editor
Record a video of your screen Screencast-o-matic   Screencast-o-Matic
Make a word cloud Wordle   Wordle FAQ
Draw a flowchart Cacoo Gliffy Gliffy
Draw a mind-map Coggle MindMeister  
Video slide-show Animoto Flixtime  
Edit a photo Pixlr    
Create digital art Kerpoof    
Create speaking Avatar Voki    
Create a virtual tour Mapwing    
Bookmark a site Delicious    
Make a timeline Preceden    
Share a file – access your files from anywhere on any device Dropbox Box  
Google Drive   – Google Apps
Publish a website  WordPress Weebly

Learn WordPress
WordPress Extras

EduBlogs google-apps-sites-f-400

– Edublogs
– Google Apps

wazmacCloud Apps Dashboard