(Please note – these guides are no longer being updated)

Introductory guides for those who are getting started with Google Apps and services….

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Google Drive   Google Apps Admin
Google Drive      Google Apps Admin
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G Suite
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Google Classroom
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Google Classroom
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Google Classroom
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G Suite – Ideas and Info
Google Docs Google Classroom (Overview video)
A useful tool in a blended/flipped GAFE classroom – teachers create and organize assignments, provide feedback, and communicate with their classes. Students can organize their work, submit assignments, and communicate directly with their teachers and peers. See also the Google Classroom site >>>.
Google Docs Google Support
Tutorials and guides for all Google products and services.
Google Docs Google Accessibility
Learn about all of Google’s accessibility products and features.
Google Docs Google in Education
Useful resources for Google products and tools, professional development, and opportunities for your students.
Google Docs Google Apps Offline
View and edit your Google Apps files while you are not connected to the Internet.
Google Docs Word Clouds in Google Docs
Create a word cloud directly from within your Google documents (with more than 100 words!)
Google Docs Gooru
Heaps of tips, tricks and quickstart guides for Google Apps.
Google Docs Doctopus – Overview
Managing shared documents with students.
Google Docs Doctopus – Create Class Folders
Use the Doctopus Add-on to create shared folders for all students in your class.
Google Docs Flash Cards & Word Games
Use a template to create flash cards and word searches.
Google Docs Sharing Stories with Google Earth
Discussion and ideas about how Google Earth can be used as a writing tool.
Google Docs Class quiz
How to create a self-grading quiz using Google Forms.
Google Docs Grade a quiz with Flubaroo
Create a quiz with Google Forms. Compile students’ answers automatically and instantly be able to see a summary of responses as charts.
Google Docs RealWorldMath
Lots of ideas for integrating Google Earth into Maths lessons.
Google Docs Google Sites for Schools
Comprehensive 25 page guide to getting started with Google Sites.
Google Docs Googlios
Using Google for ePortfolios (Mostly higher ed focus, but useful for some K-12 ideas).
Google Docs Goobric walkthrough
A Chrome extension that works as part of the Doctopus script (above). Attach a rubric to each student or group’s project. Marks can be entered from the custom rubric and are automatically recorded in the Doctopus spreadsheet.
Google Docs Google Takeout
Moving to a new provider? You can export all your Google stuff from Drive, in a format that you choose.
Google Docs Wazza’s Google Apps Quickstarts >>>
Other Google Info
Google Info Google Apps Training Centre
An online learning environment for educators and students to learn how to use Google Apps effectively in an educational context.
Google Info Libraries using Google Sites
Links to a variety of libraries using Google Sites for it’s online presence.
Google Info Google Teacher Academy
A professional development experience designed to help primary and secondary educators from around the globe get the most from innovative technologies.
Google Info A peek inside Google
Take a rare glimpse inside the data centres that power Google’s services around the globe.
Google Info Google gallery
Pics from inside Google’s data centres.
Google Info Where is Google?
Data centre maps.


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