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Utilities and Miscellaneous apps 
Utility Software
  • Printopia (OS X) 
    Print to any network printer from your iPad or iPhone.

  • Reflector (OS X & Win)
    Display your iPad screen on a desktop computer connected to a projector.

  • AirServer (OS X & Win)
    Display your iPad screen on a desktop computer connected to a projector.

  • inVisible (OS X)
    Show/Hide invisible files.

  • ColorPicker (OS X)
    Show the Apple Color Picker systemwide, as a floating palette.

  • Flash Player (Full Installer – Mac & Win)
    Handy for offline installations.

  • TeamViewer (OS X, Win, Linux)
    Remote-control another computer. Ideal for supporting parents and friends!

  • Windows Live Mail (Pre-Windows 10 systems)
     A local mail client that you can use to check multiple email accounts from various providers. (When installing, choose the option to disable the other ‘Essentials’ installations if all you require is an email client.)
    In Windows 10, use the built-in Mail app, which will check multiple accounts.

  • Windows auto logon
    Type in netplwiz into the start menu search box, uncheck box to require passwords.
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