Off to your next corporate education conference?

As you settle in to your comfy vinyl seat, and the charcoal suits and power dressers line up
out the front of the room, armed with their electronic presentations and corporate spin,
do you feel the psychological fog descending over your brain?

Well here’s something that may help you stay focussed –

Simply print a copy of this page for each player, then tick off five of the words or phrases below,
as you hear them during the presentation, and then shout BINGO!

Players card
Begin our journey Going forward Leverage Time to reflect
Get onboard Touch base Core business Quality driven
Smarter not harder New paradigm Blue sky Green field
Celebrate our success Push the envelope Take that onboard Low hanging fruit
Go live Risk taking Absolutely! Win-win
Results driven Change the mindset Best of my knowledge Student-focussed
Budgetry constraints Work smarter.. Put this one to bed Ongoing
Re-visit Re-invent the wheel Value add Road map
Leading edge Ball park Lesson learned Take that offline
Outside the square      

Testimonials from other players:

“I love Buzzword BINGO! Staff meetings have now become worthwhile.”

“My self-esteem has lifted since my first win.”

“My attention span at conferences has improved dramatically.”

“The atmosphere was tense in our last workshop as everyone waited for the 5th word.”

“It is a long time since we have been so highly motivated by a PD activity!”

An award winning example….
(from actual PD event!)

“Thank you for joining us as we commence our journey.

As you know, this area of work is a Regional priority. Moving forward, we expect everyone
who is onboard with this project to think outside the square and take some risks.

Given our current budgetry restraints, we are all learning to work smarter
with the resources that we already have available.

Today we will take time to not only explore opportunities to provide a quality teaching environment,
but also to reflect on our personal experiences and celebrate our successes.

This collaborative project will engage both students and teachers in a way that leads to
improved and dynamic learning outcomes – which is, of course, our core business.”

wazmacBuzzword Bingo