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The ICT planning process in a school environment, as with any other school planning process, should be built primarily around the support of learning outcomes and pedagogical strategies, the development and implementation of professional learning programs, and often (though not always) the installation of appropriate ICT infrastructure to support identified learning outcomes.

ICT Planning Workbooks
Below are a couple of planning workbooks, built around Google Sheets – each suited to different needs.
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ICT Health Check   Whole-school ICT Planning
This workbook is specifically focussed on ICT issues, and provides a initial ‘Health Check’ of a school’s ICT infrastructure.   This workbook is built around whole-school planning goals, aligning ICT planning with support for other school outcomes.
Planning workbook 2   Planning Workbook Example
Health Check report    How-to Guide
(Based on the Health Check survey above)    (For the Whole-school planning workbook) 
Health Check Report   Planning Workbook Quickstart

The ICT Planning Workbooks above are Google spreadsheets that can be used to support a school plan by identifying issues, recording actions to be undertaken to address those issues, setting priorities, and (in the Whole-school ICT Planning Workbook) allocating responsibilities, setting dates for task completion, and visually track the progress of those tasks.

The Whole-school ICT Planning Workbook provides a visual tracking record of this planning process in a school environment, based on the following workflow….

  • identifying issues (not necessarily ICT-specific issues);
  • listing the expected impact of the ICT plan on the identified issues;
  • identifying what will be implemented as part of the plan to address the issues;
  • listing the details of the tasks required to implement each component of the plan;
  • identifying who will be responsible for each task;
  • allocating a budget for each action item in the plan.

The workbook also provides an Implementation Timeline and a Budget ready-reckoner to track progress and expenditure in the implementation of the plan.

The ICT Health Check is a more ICT specific tool for an initial assessment – ‘Where do we start to get our ICT in order so that we can leverage our infrastructure to support the curriculum’?

If you would like to implement these ICT Planning Workbooks in your school please contact Warren.


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