Professional LearningA key ingredient in the implementation of any school initiative is a relevant and ongoing Teacher Professional Learning (TPL) program.

Effective TPL, like any meaningful learning experience, is not a “one-off” activity, but rather an ongoing experience that confirms current understandings and builds new knowledge.

This is particularly important when considering the impact on learning of the new and emerging technologies that are rapidly adopted by our students.

Not only do teachers need to be aware of a range of available ICT options, but there is a real need to understand the nature of their students’ interaction with these technologies, and to choose appropriate options to support the curriculum in their particular environment and circumstances.

Truly successful and ‘transparent’ integration of ICT in the classroom depends to a large extent on teachers’ personal use of these technologies, and the subsequent adaptation of these technologies to support the school learning environment.

Adopt and Adapt!



Sir Ken Robinson

Will Richardson


ICT PD Activities
  • Teacher Toolbox
    Useful tools and ICT Activities related to Key Learning Areas of the curriculum.
  • Google How-to
    Step by step guides for a wide variety of Google products, including Google Apps, Google Classroom, and Drive.
  • Class web site
    A class website is an essential item to support online activities in your classroom. Options and examples.
  • Google Support
    Answers to everything your ever wanted to know about Google Apps and services.
  • ICT Planning Workbook
    Identify issues, define outcomes, propose solutions, track implementation tasks, budget and staff responsibilities.
Reading and Discussion
Reading & Discussion
  • Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy
    As educators we must continue to focus on developing an appropriately challenging learning environment for our students, whether or not the activities involve the use of new technologies.
  • Essential Guide to Innovation in Professional Learning (pdf)
    How does your school encourage adaptability amongst staff? How is innovation defined in your learning and teaching environment? What mechanisms are in place for maintaining awareness of innovative practice?
  • ACOT 2
    Discussion about six design principles for the 21st century high school.
  • ICT Purpose
    All school planning should be undertaken with a clear vision of how the implementation of a particular initiative will improve learning outcomes.
  • Educator’s PLN
    Stacks of videos discussing a wide variety of topics related to education.
  • McKinsey Report
    McKinsey studied 25 of the world’s school systems, including 10 of the top-performers, and examined what these high-performing school systems have in common, and what tools they use to improve student outcomes. (2006)


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