School Planning: Learner-centric bandwidth requirements

Friday 2nd September 2016 Schools and educational organisations often calculate how much bandwidth to provide based on budget allocations. A recent aarnet paper considers bandwidth requirements based on the needs of individual learners. For example, aarnet’s research finds that an individual student or teacher requires between 0.2 and 0.5 Mbps to use Google Apps. For a school of 100 concurrent users that … Read More

wazmacSchool Planning: Learner-centric bandwidth requirements

Are you making the transition? – Check your school budget

Tuesday 28th July 2015 When considering ICT services, schools are rapidly transitioning from being providers of desktop PCs for students and teachers, to being providers of network and Internet services over which students and teachers interact with their own technologies. No longer do schools need to maintain on-site file servers or expensive software licensing contracts – this is now mostly available … Read More

wazmacAre you making the transition? – Check your school budget