Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy

Tuesday 17th March 2015 When ‘pen and paper’ activities that focus on Lower Order Thinking Skills are transferred to a digital format, they don’t magically transform themselves to become activities that promote Higher Order Thinking Skills. As educators we must continue to focus on developing an appropriately challenging learning environment for our students, whether or not the activities involve the use of new … Read More

wazmacBloom’s Digital Taxonomy

Bloom’s Taxonomy – according to Seinfeld

The video below may be a useful discussion starter for your next curriculum planning meeting, or some pre-class viewing in a flipped professional learning environment…

wazmacBloom’s Taxonomy – according to Seinfeld

Un-Googleable questions in the classroom

Friday 20th June 2014 Creating class projects that develop higher order thinking skills, by focussing on un-Googleable questions….. Teacher: What are we learning about this week? Class: EGYPT!! Teacher: Wrong. We’re learning about how to make and answer better questions, remember? We’re just using Egypt as an example when we do it. Class: *Nervous shufflings.* Can’t we just do a project … Read More

wazmacUn-Googleable questions in the classroom