The new Google Sites

Friday 17th June 2016 While the various Google Apps and Google Drive have been continually updated and refined over the past few years, Google Sites has languished with a clunky old menu-driven interface. All that is about to change. Drag ‘n’ drop page layout, responsive site design for viewing on multiple devices, etc, is coming to Sites. Here is the … Read More

wazmacThe new Google Sites

Chromebooks A-Z

Chromebooks A-Z is a one day hands-on workshop that equips teachers, school leaders and IT staff to become familiar with Chromebooks and their use in K-12 schools. Participants will be involved in activities to explore the features of Chromebooks and how they support the use of Google Apps for Education in the classroom. The local (Illawarra) workshop will be held at … Read More

wazmacChromebooks A-Z

Is your school ready for an ICT Makeover?

Tuesday 15th March 2016 Of the many components in a school’s learning environment, the most constantly-changing physical component is undoubtably ICT. The speed of this change has been accelerating as the broader community rapidly adopts and ‘normalises’ the use of online and mobile technologies in their day-to-day lives. In comparison with this community background, many schools’ ICT offerings are now … Read More

wazmacIs your school ready for an ICT Makeover?

Google Classroom: Export your Gradebook

Monday 7th December Tucked away inside Google Classroom is this option to exported your grade book as a CSV file that can be easily imported into other grade keeping programs….. Other Classroom tips ‘n’ tricks at our Google Classroom How-to page >>>

wazmacGoogle Classroom: Export your Gradebook

Getting started with Google Classroom

Tuesday 1st December 2015 Learn how to use Google Classroom to provide an online classroom environment that you can ‘blend’ with regular class activities. Classroom is available free for schools using Google Apps for Education, and is integrated with your Google Drive. Students and staff can access Google Classroom from any computer or iPad (or other tablet) at school or at home, fitting neatly … Read More

wazmacGetting started with Google Classroom

New Features in Google Apps

Thursday 3rd September 2015 Google has announced a swag of enhancements for Google Apps, just in time for the new school year in the US. New features have been added across Docs, Sheets, Forms, and Classroom. Learn more at the Google Apps blog >>>

wazmacNew Features in Google Apps

Google Classroom – August 2015 Updates

Tuesday 25th August 2015 Google Classroom continues to evolve, with some often-requested new features launched for the new school year in the northern hemisphere. New features include: Ask and answer a question – Teachers can post a short answer question to students in the class stream at any time, with options to allow students to edit their own answer, and to … Read More

wazmacGoogle Classroom – August 2015 Updates

Google Classroom – New features

Monday 2nd March 2015 Google have announced some more updates to Classroom… Teachers can now upload their own images to use as themes. Classroom will now help you crop your favourite image to the correct dimensions, and automatically pick a matching class colour. And in case you don’t have a great photo to use, there are now 18 new images and 30 pattern themes … Read More

wazmacGoogle Classroom – New features