Intros, how-to guides, and ideas
Video Link 2 Minute Moodles
A collection of short videos explaining basic Moodle operations for teachers.
Video Link Moodle in Fifteen
A series of one minute videos. Learn Moodle in fifteen minutes – one minute at a time.
Video Link Laura Mikowychok’s Videos
Great tutorials on a wide variety of Moodle setup info for teachers. Slightly more detailed than the 2 minute Moodles above.
Video Link Moodle Training Videos
Lots of short videos covering basic Moodle operations.
Video Link Moodle in your school
Info about basic Moodle operations (assignments etc), along with some ideas on how to make Moodle more interesting in a school environment.
Video Link Mr Teacher Training
A series of 3 minute Moodle ‘how-to’ videos.
PDF Using Groups to share with parents
Looking for a way to use Moodle to share student info with parents?
PDF Using Moodle to support Learning
Lots of ideas for using Moodle in your classroom.
PDF Roles & Permissions
Comprehensive info about the assigning of Roles in various contexts in Moodle.
Video Link Student Groups
Automatically create student groups in a course using group enrolment keys.
Video Link Course Settings
Covers the basics of managing course settings, including the difference between weekly and topic outlines, why you might use them and how they differ as seen to the students and teacher.
PDF Customizing the Login Screen
Discussion of the various options for tweaking your Moodle login page.
Video Link Decision-making
Use the Lesson activity to add a decision-making exercise to a course.
Video Link Student Collaboration
A series of videos detailing how to setup a Lesson activity that supports a collaborative exercise with student groups.
Video Link Quiz
Look at a quiz from a student perspective, then the settings required to achieve that scenario.
Video Link Basic Calculations
Using the Gradebook to calculate scores in a similar manner to a spreadsheet.
Video Link Importing grades from Excel
Handy if you have lots of offline assignments and are using the Moodle grade book as your central grading system.
Video Link Weighted mean grades
Apply a weighting to the various assessments tasks that are calculated by your gradebook.
Other school stuff
Video Link Subject Selections
Create a questionnaire for students to make subject selections online.
wazmacOther Moodle Tutorials