Support info and background reading relating to Moodle in K-12 schools

Reading Link Do I need Moodle in my school?
Keeping it all in perspective – the success of an online component in a face-to-face learning environment depends on appropriate pedagogy along with timely and relevant application.
Reading Link Blended/Flipped Learning
Discussion, examples and ideas relating to learning experiences that integrate online and face-to-face learning environments.
Video link Moodle changing a school – Pt 1
Gives an overview of how standard features in Moodle are used by classroom teachers at an Australian HS.
Video link Moodle changing a school – Pt 2
Discusses how Moodle has sparked, encouraged and enabled changes in school culture at an Australian HS.
Reading Link Online Education: A word of caution
Are we simply re-creating our current flawed physical learning structures in an online environment?
Video link Moodle in a Primary School
Interviews with teachers about using Moodle in Broad Oak Primary school (UK).
Reading Link Online study kills uni life
A useful discussion-starter for schools considering an on-line learning system. (SMH)
Video link Planning an Online Course
A series of 27 videos relating to the planning and delivery of online learning.
Reading Link Reverse Instruction
If kids can get content delivery online why do we have to use precious class-time for this purpose?
PDF Document Six Principles of Effective e-Learning
“Decisions about e-Learning courseware must begin with an understanding of how the mind works during learning and of what research data tell us about what factors lead to learning.” See also: this summary.
Reading Link Survey
Get some feedback from your teachers and students about their Moodle experience. Includes a sample survey.
Reading Link What makes great e-learning?
It is very easy to take paper or web based content and stick it into an e-learning module, but is that really ‘e-learning’?
Reading Link Supporting ‘Flipped’ Students
“A flipped classroom is not successful because of the videos being used, but because of the interactions teachers can have with students.”
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