Digital normalisation – the imperitive for all schools

Digital NormalisationTuesday 19th May 2015

Digital normalisation occurs when the use of digital technology across all facets of the school operations is so natural, and so accepted, that it appears to be almost invisible.

While the young people of the world, their parents and developed societies have normalised the use of digital technologies in their everyday lives, and moved their daily operations to an ever higher plane, the majority of schools globally have yet to do so, with most lagging behind general societal norms and expectations, and still operating in a lower order paper-based culture.

BYOT is a critical precursor to digital normalisation. The school has to develop a culture where it is prepared to trust and respect childrens’ and parents’ choice of technologies. The school must distribute the control of teaching in order to genuinely collaborate with its homes and to recognise and capitalise upon the learning that is happening 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

wazmacDigital normalisation – the imperitive for all schools