Getting started with Google Apps

Google AppsTuesday 28th April 2015

Think3 is presenting a series of Google Apps workshops for teachers…..

Google Apps for Education provides a mature, web-based suite of apps to support learning and collaboration in the classroom – on any device.

Getting Started with Google Apps is a one day workshop that equips teachers, school executive and IT staff to explore the collaboration, flexibility and ease of use provided with Google Apps for Education.

This hands on workshop will cover:

  • using Docs, Sheets, Slides and Sites apps
  • exploring Google Classroom and the Chrome Web Store
  • learning how to manage your files in Google Drive
  • sharing of documents and sites with staff and students.
  • Gmail and Google Calendar
  • the best way to use Google Apps on devices such as iPads and Chromebooks

Learn more about participating in these workshops >>>

wazmacGetting started with Google Apps