BYOT<<< BYOT and BYOD in schools

There is so much more to BYO than the devices themselves.

The pedagogy of the classroom is the critical factor in the success of BYOT / BYOD programs in schools.

The links below provide some reading and discussion relating to the implementation of BYOT/BYOD initiatives in K-12 schools.

Reading and Discussion  
Reading & Discussion
  • BYOT Management Continuum
    Moving from a locked-down laptop-centred environment to an outcomes focussed BYO iPad classroom.
  • BYOD and SAMR
    Darcy Moore discusses the technical and pedagogical implications of a BYOD program at Dapto HS, in the Illawarra (NSW).
  • BYOD – A new world of opportunity
    Schools that have a BYOD policy are encouraging independent learning and asking teachers to innovate in a fashion that would have been unimaginable just a few years ago. (ABC Splash, Darcy Moore)
  • BYOD Sandpit
    Stacks of resources for schools in the NSW Department of Education and Communities who are starting out with BYOD. Reading, examples, wireless connection info, etc.
  • 7 BYOD Myths debunked
    When the time comes, let’s move past the ignorance and break the ban on students using their own tech kit at school.
  • BYOT – School experience
    ABC podcast discussion with Jason Arruzza, Director of ICT at St Luke’s Grammar school in Sydney, about the implementation of the school’s BYOT program.
  • BYOD Toolkit (US)
    Wide variety of downloadable resources for planning and implementing a BYOD program.
  • St Leonards moves to BYOD
    Students at St Leonard’s College in Brighton East (Victoria) are using their own tablet devices for classroom activities.
  • iPads in the Classroom
    Some thoughts from a Canadian teacher about how to be prepared for the use of iPads in your classroom.
  • Framework for 21st Century Learning
    21st century standards, assessments, curriculum, instruction, professional development and learning environments can produce 21st century outcomes for today’s students.
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