Multiple MacsSchool-owned desktop and laptop computers can be easily restored to a standard installation through a ‘re-imaging’ process – capturing an image of the ‘perfect’ software and configuration setup, then transferring that image to other computers.

This re-imaging can be undertaken on an individual computer, using an external hard disk, or multiple computers can be re-imaged concurrently if connected to a network server.

Settings and permissions on computers, based on users’ authentication credentials, can also be managed if the computers are connected to a management server.

However it is currently more likely that computers will have a standard base image, and that students (or teachers) using the computers will simply be authenticating to ‘cloud’ services through a web browser for accessing their stored files.

Although authenticating to a cloud server is the ideal situation, it is also suggested to create a local user with the ability to save documents to the local HD – just in case network services are temporarily unavailable.

OS X Windows Cloud connect 
(iMacs and MacBooks)
(Laptops and Desktops)
 Cloud Connect
on shared computers
(Guest access)

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