WiFi NetworksYour school’s wireless network infrastructure is critical to ‘transparent’ access to online learning resources.

A good quality wireless data network relies on being connected to a good quality wired network.

Three critical factors to be considers when planning your WiFi network:

  • Coverage – Is the WiFi signal available in all areas across your school campus?
  • Density – How many devices can connect concurrently to each access point?
  • Bandwidth – Is there sufficient bandwidth to support concurrent shared connections?

Schools often need to manage the growth of a wireless network in stages, to suit both budget, curriculum and professional needs.

The sample report below is suitable for schools planning to embrace WiFi technologies throughout their school. Local schools (Illawarra) can contact Warren for advice on compiling a planning report.

WiFi Network Planning
WAP Planning Report – Example   Certified Network Installers
An example report of your school’s wireless network coverage & density planning.   Links to local (Illawarra) network installers who are certified to install data networks in schools.
WAP - Map example   Licensed cabling installers
wazmacWiFi Planning in Schools