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Here are some resources that I have found useful in getting started with WordPress…..

WordPress Learn WordPress
Comprehensive guides to getting started using WordPress
Create a free WordPress site, with 3Gb capacity, and start publishing for free.
Download WordPress to install on your own server (Advanced!)
WordPress Configuring WordPress as a web site
WordPress defaults to a blog layout.It only takes a few clicks and setup selections to make it behave like a regular web site.
WordPress WordPress Plugins
My favourites plugins to extend the functionality of your own hosted WordPress site.
WordPress WordPress tables
Tables provide a framework to organise the layout of a web page. If you are using your own hosted version of WordPress you can extend your toolbar to include a table editor, with a suitable plugin. However, if you are using the free site, you will need to copy and paste some html code to add a table to your page.
wazmacWordPress Resources