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Wazza’s Quickstarts

Google Docs Quickstart Guide (pdf)
An introductory ‘getting started’ guide for teachers who are new to the Documents component of Google Apps.


Sharing Google Docs with others (pdf)
An introductory guide to sharing your Google documents with others, for either viewing or editing.

Google Docs Organising your Shared with me folder
You can organise documents that have been shared with you in any other Drive folder.
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Word Clouds in Google Docs
Install a free add-on to create word clouds directly within Google Docs.

Useful Docs Resources
Google Docs Office editing for Docs, Sheets and Slides
Install this Chrome extension to edit and save MS Office files without installing MS Office.
Google Docs 24 Free Docs Templates
Some good idea-starters for fresh Document layouts and Spreadsheet planners. (Click on ‘Use Template’ to have a copy added to your Drive)
Other guides and videos
Google Docs

Adding a Table of Contents

Google Docs

OCR – Converting scanned text to editable text

Google Docs

Adding a digital signature to a Google Doc

Google Docs

Using add-ons for Google Docs and Sheets

Google Docs

Google Drive (and apps) – A complete user guide.

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