Classroom ICTSchool technology ‘planning’ often revolves around how many new widgets to purchase, how they will be distributed in the school, and how they will connect to the school network.

The focus of the discussion inevitably moves to the technology, rather than learning outcomes.

Take a moment to reflect on the impact of existing technologies in your school – have these technologies brought new learning opportunities to your classroom, or (in the case of computers) simply provided students with a new typewriter interface for their research activities?

Are new technologies being used in school classrooms for the sake of ‘ticking the technology box’, or are these new technologies (such as iPads, Google Apps, etc) helping to create new, engaging and previously inconceivable learning experiences?

The SAMR model (developed by Dr. Ruben Puentedura) suggests a framework to define the impact of technology on the learning environment…


The video below provides a brief overview of the SAMR model in the context of Google Apps….

The graphic below, from Tech Tips for Education, may also be a useful aid in sharing the concept of the SAMR model with colleagues, using a coffee analogy….


More reading…

For more information about SAMR in your classroom, try Googling – there is a stack of info out there!

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