Google Drive v Dropbox v OneDrive

Monday 16th May, 2016 Access to decent online file storage is practically a necessity these days, whether it’s for work or home, and everyone seems to have an opinion on which option is best. Here is a review of three of the most popular file syncing services out there – have a read of yet another opinion on which is most suitable for your needs… … Read More

wazmacGoogle Drive v Dropbox v OneDrive

Compare Cloud Storage Options – 2016

The online file storage landscape has evolved over the past couple of years. While most providers offer a free storage option, their paid plans have gradually increased in storage capacity while reducing in cost. Here is an an update of what is currently available with the popular options… From an historical perspective, here is a similar comparison from 2013….

wazmacCompare Cloud Storage Options – 2016

MS Office for iOS now free

Monday 10th November 2014 Microsoft has succumbed to pressure from rivals – it has updated Office apps for iOS and Android – now you can edit Word, Excel, and Powerpoint files, for free. Previously you could view documents with the MS Office apps, but required an Office 365 subscription to edit documents. Microsoft has also integrated the new apps with Dropbox, and now provides … Read More

wazmacMS Office for iOS now free

Dropbox drops prices

Friday 29th August 2014 Google and Microsoft have recently become very aggressive with pricing for their Drive and OneDrive file storage services, undercutting Dropbox, the longtime leader in the online file storage domain. Apple also recently announced similar pricing to Google and MS for their soon-to-be-released integrated iCloud Drive service. After much speculation Dropbox has finally responded, rationalising its pricing plans to offer just 2 options: Free – … Read More

wazmacDropbox drops prices