Google Classroom – first look

Google ClassroomTuesday 17th June 2014

Classroom is a new Learning Management System (LMS) environment being developed by Google to operate in conjunction with Google Apps for Education (GAFE).

Classroom is currently available for trial schools, and will be available for all schools using GAFE in September 2014. Classroom will be free for schools.

Classroom builds on GAFE to create and organize assignments, provide grades and feedback on those assignments, and communicate with students in classes. Students can organize their work, complete and submit assignments, and communicate directly with teachers.

The first video below provides a brief overview of Classroom, while the next two videos provide reviews by trial schools. (Set some time aside to watch these two – they are a little longer!)

From the information in the review videos below, it looks like Classroom has some way to go yet before it challenges Moodle and other mainstream LMSs.

Google Classroom 101 – Google overview
Google Classroom – Teacher & Student views
Google Classroom – Thoughts from a trial school (UK)
wazmacGoogle Classroom – first look

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