Pobble 365 – Fabulous resource

Story starters, sentence challenges, deep thinking questions – all related to an imaginative and interesting image, that changes daily. A wonderful resource for imaginative teachers. Visit Pobble 365 >>>

wazmacPobble 365 – Fabulous resource

Technology is not a learning outcome

Tuesday 21st July 2015 A few years ago I walked into a classroom with a local District IT manager. The class of 9 and 10 year olds were working in groups, all engrossed in producing videos about their chosen topics. Some groups were constructing stop-motion videos, others were outside the classroom conducting hard-hitting interviews with staff. Other students were off in … Read More

wazmacTechnology is not a learning outcome

Google Classroom adds Mobile Editing & Grading

Thursday 7th May 2015 Google has released an update to its Google Classroom software, bringing several new features to the mobile app. Teachers can now create assignments through the mobile app, edit them and distribute copies to their students. Teachers can also now grade assignments (with private comments or feedback) on their phones or tablets. Read more at The Journal >>> … Read More

wazmacGoogle Classroom adds Mobile Editing & Grading

Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy

Tuesday 17th March 2015 When ‘pen and paper’ activities that focus on Lower Order Thinking Skills are transferred to a digital format, they don’t magically transform themselves to become activities that promote Higher Order Thinking Skills. As educators we must continue to focus on developing an appropriately challenging learning environment for our students, whether or not the activities involve the use of new … Read More

wazmacBloom’s Digital Taxonomy

Bloom’s Taxonomy – according to Seinfeld

The video below may be a useful discussion starter for your next curriculum planning meeting, or some pre-class viewing in a flipped professional learning environment…

wazmacBloom’s Taxonomy – according to Seinfeld

Google Apps v Office 365 – For your school

The expectation by teachers and students of ‘anytime, anywhere, any device’ access to online services has resulted a rethink of software and file-server provisioning in schools. Many schools are now enabling student and teacher access to collaborative cloud apps and file storage services, which are accessible from school and home, on shared school computers and personal laptops and tablet devices. Which cloud service is … Read More

wazmacGoogle Apps v Office 365 – For your school

Google Classroom – Mobile App

Thursday 15th January 2015 Google has released native Classroom mobile apps for both Android and iOS to support it’s new Classroom platform. Also announced are two new Classroom features: a teacher assignments page and the ability to archive classes. Check out the intro video below….. Read more at the Google Education Blog >>>

wazmacGoogle Classroom – Mobile App

School Planning: the ICT infrastructure continuum

Friday 12th December 2014 As schools here in Australia begin their planning processes for the 2015 school year, now is a good time to consider how new technologies are being leveraged to support curriculum activities. The broad adoption of mobile electronic devices in the wider community has changed the options for ICT in schools. Schools are moving from remote ‘labs’ to always-available BYO models. Technology … Read More

wazmacSchool Planning: the ICT infrastructure continuum

eLearning Summit (Illawarra)

Friday 21st November 2014 The Five Islands e-Learning Summit is a full day event, providing primary and secondary teachers the opportunity to develop their skills and understanding of current technology and how it is best used to support learning. The day will consist of three sessions, broken up by morning tea and lunch (both provided) allowing for practical hands-on activities … Read More

wazmaceLearning Summit (Illawarra)

Weebly for iPad

Friday 14th November 2014 Weebly goes from strength to strength – here is some thing to explore over the weekend…. Check out the new Weebly for iPad…

wazmacWeebly for iPad

iPads in Action – Berry PS

Thursday 13th November 2014 K-6 Teacher Professional Learning Workshop Think3 presents iPads in Action: Apps and Activities for Creative Classrooms – at Berry PS on Friday 21st November 2014. With so many educational apps available, many primary teachers are asking for guidance about which Apps to purchase and how to best facilitate their use. This workshop will showcase and review … Read More

wazmaciPads in Action – Berry PS

BYOT – The very first step

Friday 7th November 2014 When schools move down the BYOT path – leveraging students’ own technologies to support the curriculum – much planning time is often focussed on which device (or devices) will be acceptable, how these devices will connect to the school network, how apps will be controlled, and other ‘technical’ hardware and software support issues. While all of this discussion and planning … Read More

wazmacBYOT – The very first step

Our Solar System – a helical model

Friday 24th October 2014 Here is a new (and possibly more realistic) animated model of how our Solar System moves in relation to the Sun. A helical model, rather than a flat elliptical model – though this animation has caused much debate in astronomical circles. (See also: Is the Solar System really a Vortex?) Might be an interesting discussion starter for … Read More

wazmacOur Solar System – a helical model

Google Classroom – New Features

Wednesday 22nd October 2014 With Classroom released just last month, Google has already responded to the many feature requests. (I have no doubts that this will be an ongoing process). The first improvements include… Invite students more easily using Groups Mark assignments as “done” Improved teacher controls Export assessment grades to other gradebooks Sort students by first or last name Learn more about the … Read More

wazmacGoogle Classroom – New Features

Word Clouds with Google Docs

Tuesday 21st October 2014 Word clouds, also known as text clouds or tag clouds, are a popular tools for visually analysing text – making it easy to spot word frequencies. The more frequently the word is used, the larger and bolder it is displayed in the image. Many teachers use word clouds as part of their learning activities, or to support their own … Read More

wazmacWord Clouds with Google Docs

Comic Life for iOS – launch pricing

Thursday 16th October 2014 For one day only (US time) the new Comic Life for iOS app is available for the special ‘launch price’ of $3.79 in the Australian app store, or $2.99 in the US App store. Check out Comic Life the Australian app store >>> Check out Comic Life in the US app store >>>

wazmacComic Life for iOS – launch pricing

Intel Chromebook resources

Monday 22nd September 2014 Intel have gathered some useful information, case studies and resources for teachers who are implementing Chromebooks in K-12 schools. Visit the Intel Chromebook site >>>

wazmacIntel Chromebook resources

BYOD Planning for Principals

Thursday 18th September 2014 Schools leaders are faced with two key challenges in the new world of BYOD. One is selecting the right device or devices for students to bring to school. The second is ensuring that their teaching staff are designing creative, engaging and purposeful digital learning activities to which students bring their devices. Scott Barnham and Nerida McCredie … Read More

wazmacBYOD Planning for Principals

Does your school support mobile learning?

Wednesday 17th September 2014 I recently stumbled upon the presentation below, titled Mobile is Eating the World, created by Benedict Evans. The presentation below (it is definitely worth a scroll through the 24 slides) uses sales charts to highlight the massive shift in the kind of technology that is being consumed throughout the developed world. People aren’t buying desktop PCs – … Read More

wazmacDoes your school support mobile learning?

How to support BYOD without really trying

Monday 15th September 2014 Following the end of a government sponsored netbook program, Yass HS is working towards BYOD. BYOD poses particular challenges for schools that are used to working with school-owned computers installed with ‘standard’ software. Yass HS thinks they may have found an answer >>>

wazmacHow to support BYOD without really trying

Google-proof questioning with Bloom

Thursday 11th September 2014 What is a “Google-proof question?” It is a question (or research task)  that can not be directly answered via Google (or any other search engine) because it requires analysis, interpretation, and investigation. Writing such questions, or designing such research tasks, can be challenging. A helpful tool to consider when designing student research tasks is Bloom’s Taxonomy. … Read More

wazmacGoogle-proof questioning with Bloom

ASTD 2014

Monday 8th September 2014 It’s on a again – bigger and better than ever! One of the most practical, classroom-oriented technology conferences in Australia, the annual All Schools Technology Day will be held on Tuesday 28th October 2014, at Kiama Pavilion. The 2014 conference theme is ‘Learning in the Mobile Era’. Choose from a variety of hands-on workshops to explore … Read More

wazmacASTD 2014

Neutral Bay PS – Open Day

Thursday 4th September 2014 Neutral Bay PS are holding an open day on Friday 12th September. You can visit the school to see how their 1:1 technology programs engage all students…. Learn how the technology infrastructure supports innovation in teaching and learning; Hear from members of the school community and visit classrooms to discover the possibilities offered by mobile learning.  Who Should Attend? … Read More

wazmacNeutral Bay PS – Open Day

Caves Beach PS – 1/2S

Wednesday 3rd September 2014 Stay up to date with the activities in 1/2S at Caves Beach Public School – located south of Newcastle, on the coast of New South Wales, Australia.  Visit 1/2S and leave a comment >>>

wazmacCaves Beach PS – 1/2S

LEGO stop motion video – quick how-to

Tuesday 2nd September 2014 Anyone can make a stop motion video using an iPod and the LEGO Movie Maker app. This app has so many curriculum applications, for any age group…. Watch the video below,and download the app here >>>

wazmacLEGO stop motion video – quick how-to

3/4C with Miss Bell

Thursday 28th August 2014 3/4C at Caves Beach PS are now online. Click on the What we are learning menu to explore their activities in Literacy, Maths, Creative Arts and Science. Drop by and say ‘Hi’ with a comment on 3/4c’s blog >>>

wazmac3/4C with Miss Bell

Escaping Education’s Death Valley

Monday 25th August 2014 Sir Ken Robinson outlines 3 principles crucial for the human mind to flourish – and how current education culture works against them. In an entertaining presentation Sir Ken considers some options to escape the educational “death valley” we now face, and discusses (without a slideshow!) how to nurture our youngest generations with a climate of possibility….

wazmacEscaping Education’s Death Valley

National Science Week

Thursday 21st August 2014 Has your school been involved in 2014 Australian National Science Week activities? Shows, talks, festivals and more! There are still plenty of local and online activities in which you can participate with your class this week. (Just a pity that it clashes with Book Week!) Learn more at the National Science Week website >>>

wazmacNational Science Week

Skaffl – 1:1 iPad classroom workflow

Tuesday 19th August 2014 Skaffl allows teachers to distribute and collect assignments electronically from students using iPads. Skaffl is free until the end of the year. With Skaffl….Teachers can:– Create activities for students to complete;– Plan ahead and save activities for distribution when you need them;– Collect student work;– Annotate and grade student assignments. Students can:– Receive their assignments and keep track of … Read More

wazmacSkaffl – 1:1 iPad classroom workflow

3C at Broulee PS

Friday 15th August 2014 What has been happening in class 3C at Broulee PS this week? How about baking pikelets and then cutting them into fractions! Check out 3C’s class blog – hosted at Weebly >>>

wazmac3C at Broulee PS