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Dropbox was the first online file storage company to capture widespread public interest. It is a great service, with an easy to use interface, and apps for all mobile devices and OSs.

However, Dropbox is no longer the only cloud file service available – there are plenty of others, often with better options for storing and sharing files.

Below is a comparison of the features offered by each of the popular ‘personal’ online file-storage services….

early 2016
Google Drive Dropbox Box OneDrive Copy iCloud Drive
  Google Drive  Dropbox Box OneDrive Copy iCloud Drive
Free storage 15 Gb 2 Gb 10 Gb 5 Gb 15 Gb 5 Gb
Referral bonus scheme  No Yes No No Yes No
Web access to files  Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
OS X Client Yes  Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Win 7/8 Client  Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes tba
Linux client  No Yes No No Yes tba
Local context. menu  Yes Yes Yes No Yes tba
iOS App  Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Android App  Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Online ‘Office’ Apps  Yes No No Yes No Yes
Cost for 50 Gb (pa) $24 $18
Cost for 100 Gb (pa) $24 $138
Cost for 200 Gb (pa)     $54
Cost for 250 Gb (pa) $48 $49  
Cost for 1 Tb  (pa) $89 $129   $89 $99 $180
         (incl Office 365)    


Pros and Cons….

Pros: Interface, contextual menus for local client, available on all OSs, referrals to increase free space to 20Gb.

Cons: Cost, meagre free allocation, basic web interface.


Pros: 10Gb for free, Box Sync client contextual menus, huge range of sharing options.

Cons: No referral options to increase free space. (Though every now-and-then Box does offer promotions that boost your free allocation to 50Gb!)

Google Drive 
Google Drive

Pros: 15Gb free space, contextual menu in local app, integration with Google Apps.

Cons: Duplicate files don’t overwrite previous versions of the file.


Pros: Integration with MS Office apps.

Cons: Lack of contextual sharing menu in local app (Have to share files through the web interface).


Pros: 15Gb free space, 25Gb free space with referrals, contextual sharing menu in local app, shared files only counted once.

Cons: Hard to find any!

iCloud Drive
 iCloud Drive

Pros: Tight integration with iCloud, OS X and iOS.

Cons: Integration with other platforms

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