Lion ServerWith the advent of cloud services for schools, the need for a full-bottle local file server has declined. OS X Server 10.7 has been superseded – the notes below remain for those that may have a need this info.

These notes are designed to assist teaching staff in K-12 schools to configure a basic server to provide services that support such an environment, and are not intended to be comprehensive nor prescriptive.

OS X Server 10.7 represented the beginning of a transition of OS X Server to a new format, and reflects the changing role of a local server in the provision of network services.

OS Server 10.6 was the last of the ‘old’ format OS X servers, but represents a very stable environment. OS X Server 10.8 continued the transition, while OS X Server 10.9 appears to be a more stable product – and also offers a number of new services.

The notes below should be considered to be legacy notes.

 Alert Please note: As local schools move to cloud-based file services, such as Google Drive, the need for a local file-server is diminishing. For this reason the notes below are no longer being actively updated. It may be that all a school needs on the local network these days is a DHCP server and caching server?
OS X 10.7 Server – Install & Configure

Installing Lion Server

  • Installing server software;
  • Configuring initial setup options;
PDF Install Server Admin & DNS
  • Adjusting default configuration;
  • Adding zone machines;
  • Checking hostname;
  • Setting up forwarders;
  • Testing Domain Name Service lookup.
  • Configuring your server to provide a Dynamic Host Control Protocol service (automatic IP addresses) to computers and mobile devices on your local network.
PDF Configure Open Directory
  • Create a network directory for your network users and shared folders.

Create Home Folder Directories

  • Creating and designating folders that will contain network users’ Home Folders.

Create Group Folder Shares

  • Creating a Groups Shared Folder;
  • Creating sub-folders, for student and teacher groups to share resources.

Create Groups

  • Creating Groups for user management and resource sharing.

Shared folder permissions

  • Set folder permissions on shared folders.

Create users

  • Creating network users;
  • Organising users into Groups.
10.7 Open Directory – Client login

Configuring network computers for OD access

PDF Managing Preferences
  • Setting up a common desktop environment for students and teachers.
wazmacWazza’s OS X Server Setup Notes – 10.7