Have new technologies brought new learning opportunities?

SAMRMonday 14th July 2014

Today is a ‘student free day’ in local schools, with many teachers involved in professional learning activities focussed on the use of new technologies to support the curriculum.

But are these new technologies bringing new learning opportunities to classrooms, or simply providing students with a new typewriter interface?

The SAMR model provides a framework to define the impact of technology in the learning environment….

R – Redefinition
M – Modification
– Augmentation
S – Substitution

This video provides a brief overview of SAMR in the context of Google Drive:

The graphic below, from Tech Tips for Education, is a useful aid in explaining SAMR with a coffee analogy:


The Tech Tips for Education site also provides some discussion about caveats to the SAMR model.

For more information about SAMR in your classroom, try Googling – there is stacks of info out there!

wazmacHave new technologies brought new learning opportunities?

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