Google Classroom – Mobile App

Thursday 15th January 2015 Google has released native Classroom mobile apps for both Android and iOS to support it’s new Classroom platform. Also announced are two new Classroom features: a teacher assignments page and the ability to archive classes. Check out the intro video below….. Read more at the Google Education Blog >>>

wazmacGoogle Classroom – Mobile App

iPads in Action – Berry PS

Thursday 13th November 2014 K-6 Teacher Professional Learning Workshop Think3 presents iPads in Action: Apps and Activities for Creative Classrooms – at Berry PS on Friday 21st November 2014. With so many educational apps available, many primary teachers are asking for guidance about which Apps to purchase and how to best facilitate their use. This workshop will showcase and review … Read More

wazmaciPads in Action – Berry PS

Intel Chromebook resources

Monday 22nd September 2014 Intel have gathered some useful information, case studies and resources for teachers who are implementing Chromebooks in K-12 schools. Visit the Intel Chromebook site >>>

wazmacIntel Chromebook resources

ASTD 2014

Monday 8th September 2014 It’s on a again – bigger and better than ever! One of the most practical, classroom-oriented technology conferences in Australia, the annual All Schools Technology Day will be held on Tuesday 28th October 2014, at Kiama Pavilion. The 2014 conference theme is ‘Learning in the Mobile Era’. Choose from a variety of hands-on workshops to explore … Read More

wazmacASTD 2014

Neutral Bay PS – Open Day

Thursday 4th September 2014 Neutral Bay PS are holding an open day on Friday 12th September. You can visit the school to see how their 1:1 technology programs engage all students…. Learn how the technology infrastructure supports innovation in teaching and learning; Hear from members of the school community and visit classrooms to discover the possibilities offered by mobile learning.  Who Should Attend? … Read More

wazmacNeutral Bay PS – Open Day

Minnesota rolls out iPads to 40,000 students

Monday 1st September 2014 Minnesota’s St. Paul School District is preparing to deploy tens of thousands of iPads to students in 37 schools around the city. Rather than purchasing the tablets outright, the school district will lease them from Apple. The cost of the program – which also appears to include more than 1,000 MacBooks – will begin at $5.7 … Read More

wazmacMinnesota rolls out iPads to 40,000 students

iPads in Action K-6: Literacy and Mathematics

Thursday 12th June 2014 Think3 will present a workshop on integrating iPads in the Curriculum, at Helensburgh PS on Tuesday 24th June 2014. Participants will be introduced to a wide variety of apps throughout the day to showcase the number of ways iPads can be used to successfully support and engage students in their learning. This workshop will involve a … Read More

wazmaciPads in Action K-6: Literacy and Mathematics

Getting started with Google Apps

Tuesday 1oth June 2014 Introductory step-by-step guides for a wide variety of Google Apps. Learn how to use Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawings, and other Google products, such as Search, Video editing, etc. Check out the Google Apps Quickstarts >>>

wazmacGetting started with Google Apps

Going BYOT? – Improve your Internet access

Thursday 5th June 2014 When schools rolls out a BYOT program they might be adding hundreds of new devices to their network. All using the school’s existing bandwidth to access the Internet. You will definitely need more bandwidth to support BYOT. But you can make better use of your existing bandwidth using a proxy server. Every time a student clicks on a link to a … Read More

wazmacGoing BYOT? – Improve your Internet access

Transitioning your school to the new ICT era

Monday 26th may 2014 A key goal of teachers using technology to support the curriculum has always been the integration of new and innovative technologies in day-to-day classroom activities. Unfortunately, the cost of new technologies has always been a hurdle to achieving this goal. When ‘technology access’ is located in a secure ‘lab’ in another building in the school – accessible once a week … Read More

wazmacTransitioning your school to the new ICT era

Environment report provides sneek peek into iCloud data centre

Tuesday 20th May 2014 Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes when you send that email, or connect for a Facetime chat? This NBC report about Apple’s solar power initiatives give a rare sneak peek inside their iCloud data centre. Go to original NBC video >>>

wazmacEnvironment report provides sneek peek into iCloud data centre

BYOD at Sydney Boys HS

Monday 19th May 2014 Year 9 students at Sydney BHS are expected to bring their own computing device to school every day. The school makes recommendations as to the model of device students may choose to bring, or students can choose an alternative device that meets the school’s specifications. The site includes information and links to documents outlining school policy, student charter agreements, and device specifications. … Read More

wazmacBYOD at Sydney Boys HS

Going 1:1 in 2014

Thursday 15th May 2014 The two articles below , published by Dominic Norris at Innovate My School, discuss reasons why schools are choosing tablets to fulfil their 1:1 ambitions and suggests a slight tweak on how this by-now-familiar formula might be improved. As Dominic writes…. Fundamentally, schools want to bring the undoubted benefits of a really powerful and functional device to every … Read More

wazmacGoing 1:1 in 2014