Going BYOT? – Improve your Internet access

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Thursday 5th June 2014

When schools rolls out a BYOT program they might be adding hundreds of new devices to their network. All using the school’s existing bandwidth to access the Internet.

You will definitely need more bandwidth to support BYOT. But you can make better use of your existing bandwidth using a proxy server.

Every time a student clicks on a link to a web page, resources are downloaded over your school’s Internet connection from a remote web server to the student’s computer – using a small slice of your bandwidth. Multiply this by hundreds of students all downloading resources from remote servers and you will soon reach your bandwidth limits.

So, imagine if you could store commonly used web resources inside your school network, and encourage students to use those common resources from inside the network, rather than repeatedly downloading the same resources over the school’s internet connection – freeing up your Internet bandwidth, and thereby helping to speed up your school’s shared Internet access?

Well, you can. And it can help improve the school’s pedagogical model too.

wazmacGoing BYOT? – Improve your Internet access

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