Transitioning your school to the new ICT era

Transitioning to the new ICT eraMonday 26th may 2014

A key goal of teachers using technology to support the curriculum has always been the integration of new and innovative technologies in day-to-day classroom activities.

Unfortunately, the cost of new technologies has always been a hurdle to achieving this goal. When ‘technology access’ is located in a secure ‘lab’ in another building in the school – accessible once a week through a booking schedule – the chance of the technology becoming ‘normalised’ in regular classroom activities is practically zero. ‘Technology’ becomes it’s own subject.

The broad adoption of mobile electronic devices in the wider community has changed the options for schools. 

Now, more often than not, every family member has their own mobile device, each with more computing power than the previous generation of their desk-bound predecessors.

Schools are leveraging this community ownership with BYOT programs, leaving them able to focus school-owned technology resources on permanent infrastructure and teacher professional learning.

Where is your school positioned on the transition continuum? >>> 

wazmacTransitioning your school to the new ICT era

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