iPads in Action K-6: Literacy and Mathematics

Learning with ICTThursday 12th June 2014

Think3 will present a workshop on integrating iPads in the Curriculum, at Helensburgh PS on Tuesday 24th June 2014.

Participants will be introduced to a wide variety of apps throughout the day to showcase the number of ways iPads can be used to successfully support and engage students in their learning.

This workshop will involve a series of practical demonstrations and a range of engaging hands on activities.

Literacy – Teachers will be:

  • introduced to a diverse selection of apps for digital storytelling
  • involved in creating a range of digital stories, reports, plays and poems
  • provided with lesson ideas and demonstrations of digital stories created by students of different ages
  • given insights into recent research projects that highlight how digital literacy can encourage and support literacy learning

Mathematics – Teachers will be provided with:

  • opportunities to explore, compare and discuss a selection of mathematical apps
  • ideas for whole class lessons, group projects or individual activities
  • selection criteria to guide the choice of apps for different learning needs
  • recent findings and insights from research into ways that digital maths activities can encourage and support learning
  • demonstrations and examples of creative ways that iPads can be used to encourage and capture mathematical thinking 

Download the flyer and book online >>>

wazmaciPads in Action K-6: Literacy and Mathematics

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