Chromebooks A-Z

Chromebooks A-Z is a one day hands-on workshop that equips teachers, school leaders and IT staff to become familiar with Chromebooks and their use in K-12 schools. Participants will be involved in activities to explore the features of Chromebooks and how they support the use of Google Apps for Education in the classroom. The local (Illawarra) workshop will be held at … Read More

wazmacChromebooks A-Z

The best Chromebook is ….. an iPad

Tuesday 24th March 2015 Both devices are great for education, though there are many myths and fallacies about each device that need to be explored. Read more at TechCrunch >>>

wazmacThe best Chromebook is ….. an iPad

Google Drive updated

Tuesday 3rd March 2015 Not too long ago Google altered the Drive interface, so that any documents that others shared with you were found in a folder called ‘Incoming‘ – I always expected to hear the sound of choppers and see Radar O’Reilly scurrying around the corner! Thankfully, Google has renamed this folder ‘Shared with me‘. How sensible! Who would … Read More

wazmacGoogle Drive updated

Browser Stats – Dec 2014

Thursday 15th January 2015 With such a large portion of our screen time involving the use of a web browser, the stats for the share of the browser market provide a quick insight into how our preferences have changed over the years. Netscape anyone? View the latest browser stats >>>

wazmacBrowser Stats – Dec 2014

Free – 1TB of Drive storage for new Chromebooks

Wednesday 17th December 2014 Thinking of exploring the Chromebook option this Christmas? Google is offering 1TB of free Drive storage for owners of new Chromebooks (for 2 years – redeem before Jan 31st 2015). Considering that 1TB of storage is valued at around AU $120, that’s great value on a $350 Chromebook – and it is a big storage bump … Read More

wazmacFree – 1TB of Drive storage for new Chromebooks

Implementing Chromebooks in a K-6 school

Monday 15th December 2014 At the beginning of the year, Matt’s public school in Sydney purchased thirty-two Chromebooks to be used as shared devices in their school library. The Chromebooks were purchased to replace ageing desktops that used to make computer time in the library a challenging experience. When embarking on this journey, Matt was able to read plenty of case studies about schools in the USA … Read More

wazmacImplementing Chromebooks in a K-6 school

Lucidpress – DTP in the cloud

Are you looking for a cloud replacement for Publisher? Need a desktop publishing app for your Chromebook? Check out Lucidpress >>>

wazmacLucidpress – DTP in the cloud

NYC approves Chromebooks in public schools

Tuesday 18th November 2014 The New York City Department of Education (DoE) announced Monday that it has approved Google’s Chromebooks for use in the city’s public classrooms – representing approximately 1 million students and 1,800 schools. The DOE also authorised the use of Google Apps for Education (GAFE), and put together a guide to implementing Chromebooks and Google utilities into the classroom. … Read More

wazmacNYC approves Chromebooks in public schools

There is more to GAFE than Drive

Tuesday 7th October 2014 Google announced last week that all 30+ million Google Apps for Education accounts around the world will have their Drive capacity increased from 30 Gb to ‘unlimited’ capacity. This is great news, and will make GAFE even more attractive for schools. There have been similar announcements recently from other providers of online file storage services. However, when considering the options for cloud-based … Read More

wazmacThere is more to GAFE than Drive

Does your school support mobile learning?

Wednesday 17th September 2014 I recently stumbled upon the presentation below, titled Mobile is Eating the World, created by Benedict Evans. The presentation below (it is definitely worth a scroll through the 24 slides) uses sales charts to highlight the massive shift in the kind of technology that is being consumed throughout the developed world. People aren’t buying desktop PCs – … Read More

wazmacDoes your school support mobile learning?

Google Apps – Arthur Phillip HS Case Study

Tuesday 16th September 2014 Arthur Phillip High School is a public secondary school in Parramatta, Australia serving 1,500 students in grades 7-12. Students at Arthur Phillip hail from 65 different countries and 90% speak a language other than English at home. Five years ago, Arthur Phillip began exploring options to embrace digital education. At the time, the Australian Government’s Digital Education … Read More

wazmacGoogle Apps – Arthur Phillip HS Case Study