Does your school support mobile learning?

Wednesday 17th September 2014

I recently stumbled upon the presentation below, titled Mobile is Eating the World, created by Benedict Evans.

The presentation below (it is definitely worth a scroll through the 24 slides) uses sales charts to highlight the massive shift in the kind of technology that is being consumed throughout the developed world.

People aren’t buying desktop PCs – they are buying mobile technologies, and that’s not just hardware, but software too. The community is being consumed by the ‘app ecosystems’ of Apple and Google.

As an education community, can we afford to ignore these trends? Can our education programs maintain relevance when they are reliant on ‘integrating technology’ that is housed in a computer room on the other side of the school, using software that may only have any realistic application inside large commercial corporations?

How can we harness these omnipresent mobile technologies to support our learning environments?

Have a think about this while you flip through the slide show below….

wazmacDoes your school support mobile learning?

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