This week in 2/3L

Parents, caregivers and the school community can share in Class2/3L’s learning activities through their class news page. A class web site is the first step in providing an online learning environment for your class – and a great way to start on that journey is with a class news page. The 2/3L class web site is created using Weebly. Visit the Class 2/3L … Read More

wazmacThis week in 2/3L

dinotot Search

Thursday 3rd December 2015 DinoTot is a free search service for children, powered by Google safe search. DinoTot search results are kids-oriented. Sites that present information in an easy, simple way are placed on the top of the search results. Sites that are made specifically for kids get a special ranking boost. Search results appear in large Arial font and … Read More

wazmacdinotot Search

Is that the right tool?

Tuesday 2nd June 2015 Yesterday I made reference to an article highlighting the inappropriate use of slide show software, such as PowerPoint. (Powerpoint should be banned) We can (and should) apply similar judgments to the use of technology in the classroom – digital technologies aren’t necessarily the best tool for many learning activities. It doesn’t hurt to be non-digital – in … Read More

wazmacIs that the right tool?

Plugging in to Nature

Tuesday 13th May 2015 Presented by the Illawarra Environmental Education Centre, this Teacher Professional Learning event will explore the use of iPads to support authentic learning outside the four walls of the classroom. When: Monday 22nd June 2015Where: Illawarra EEC at Killalea For more details, and online registration… Download the Flyer >>>

wazmacPlugging in to Nature

KidRex – Google for younger students

Thursday 5th February 2015 KidRex is a fun and safe search tool for younger students. KidRex searches emphasise kid-related webpages from across the entire web, and is powered by Google. Google’s filters check keywords, phrases, and URLs to eliminate most inappropriate material. Check out KidRex >>>

wazmacKidRex – Google for younger students

Implementing Chromebooks in a K-6 school

Monday 15th December 2014 At the beginning of the year, Matt’s public school in Sydney purchased thirty-two Chromebooks to be used as shared devices in their school library. The Chromebooks were purchased to replace ageing desktops that used to make computer time in the library a challenging experience. When embarking on this journey, Matt was able to read plenty of case studies about schools in the USA … Read More

wazmacImplementing Chromebooks in a K-6 school

Lesson plans using iPads

Thursday 11th December 2014 Published by a teacher in the Newcastle (NSW) area, this site provides specific lesson plans and student work samples relating to the use of various iPad apps. Check out ICT with Miss C >>>

wazmacLesson plans using iPads

Google to be revamped for under-12s

Monday 8th December With Google processing 40,000 search queries a second – or 1.2 trillion a year – it’s a safe bet that many of those doing the Googling are kids. Not surprisingly, Google plans to create specific versions of its most popular products for those 12 and younger. The most likely candidates are those that are already popular with a … Read More

wazmacGoogle to be revamped for under-12s

Comic Life for iOS – launch pricing

Thursday 16th October 2014 For one day only (US time) the new Comic Life for iOS app is available for the special ‘launch price’ of $3.79 in the Australian app store, or $2.99 in the US App store. Check out Comic Life the Australian app store >>> Check out Comic Life in the US app store >>>

wazmacComic Life for iOS – launch pricing

Google-proof questioning with Bloom

Thursday 11th September 2014 What is a “Google-proof question?” It is a question (or research task)  that can not be directly answered via Google (or any other search engine) because it requires analysis, interpretation, and investigation. Writing such questions, or designing such research tasks, can be challenging. A helpful tool to consider when designing student research tasks is Bloom’s Taxonomy. … Read More

wazmacGoogle-proof questioning with Bloom

ASTD 2014

Monday 8th September 2014 It’s on a again – bigger and better than ever! One of the most practical, classroom-oriented technology conferences in Australia, the annual All Schools Technology Day will be held on Tuesday 28th October 2014, at Kiama Pavilion. The 2014 conference theme is ‘Learning in the Mobile Era’. Choose from a variety of hands-on workshops to explore … Read More

wazmacASTD 2014

Neutral Bay PS – Open Day

Thursday 4th September 2014 Neutral Bay PS are holding an open day on Friday 12th September. You can visit the school to see how their 1:1 technology programs engage all students…. Learn how the technology infrastructure supports innovation in teaching and learning; Hear from members of the school community and visit classrooms to discover the possibilities offered by mobile learning.  Who Should Attend? … Read More

wazmacNeutral Bay PS – Open Day

LEGO stop motion video – quick how-to

Tuesday 2nd September 2014 Anyone can make a stop motion video using an iPod and the LEGO Movie Maker app. This app has so many curriculum applications, for any age group…. Watch the video below,and download the app here >>>

wazmacLEGO stop motion video – quick how-to

National Science Week

Thursday 21st August 2014 Has your school been involved in 2014 Australian National Science Week activities? Shows, talks, festivals and more! There are still plenty of local and online activities in which you can participate with your class this week. (Just a pity that it clashes with Book Week!) Learn more at the National Science Week website >>>

wazmacNational Science Week

Stop Motion in the Classroom

Tuesday 5th August 2014 Stephanie Castle, an Australian teacher, has posted some ideas about using Stop Motion Studio on iPads with her high school students. Stop Motion Studio is available in the App Store >>>

wazmacStop Motion in the Classroom

Un-Googleable questions in the classroom

Friday 20th June 2014 Creating class projects that develop higher order thinking skills, by focussing on un-Googleable questions….. Teacher: What are we learning about this week? Class: EGYPT!! Teacher: Wrong. We’re learning about how to make and answer better questions, remember? We’re just using Egypt as an example when we do it. Class: *Nervous shufflings.* Can’t we just do a project … Read More

wazmacUn-Googleable questions in the classroom

iPads in Action K-6: Literacy and Mathematics

Thursday 12th June 2014 Think3 will present a workshop on integrating iPads in the Curriculum, at Helensburgh PS on Tuesday 24th June 2014. Participants will be introduced to a wide variety of apps throughout the day to showcase the number of ways iPads can be used to successfully support and engage students in their learning. This workshop will involve a … Read More

wazmaciPads in Action K-6: Literacy and Mathematics

Kathy Schrock’s Bloomin’ Apps

Monday 2nd June 2014 Would you like to focus on the use of new technologies in your classroom to support higher order thinking skills and creative learning activities? Kathy Schrock has published a page suggesting suitable iPad, Google, Android and web apps to support each level of Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy. These apps are also linked to the SAMR model of the use of … Read More

wazmacKathy Schrock’s Bloomin’ Apps

Google’s Reading Level Filter

Friday 30th May 2014 A class web page can be used to share links to web sites and other resources that support your class activities – but how do you find sites that are suitable for your students’ reading level? Google can filter your search results based on the reading level of the pages in the results…. Learn how to filter search … Read More

wazmacGoogle’s Reading Level Filter

Transitioning your school to the new ICT era

Monday 26th may 2014 A key goal of teachers using technology to support the curriculum has always been the integration of new and innovative technologies in day-to-day classroom activities. Unfortunately, the cost of new technologies has always been a hurdle to achieving this goal. When ‘technology access’ is located in a secure ‘lab’ in another building in the school – accessible once a week … Read More

wazmacTransitioning your school to the new ICT era

Digital storytelling with Animoto

Friday 16th May 2014 Animoto is an online and mobile video creation service that makes it easy for students to create and share videos using their own pictures, video clips, words and music. Students choose a theme, then upload pictures and video clips to the video editor. Next, they personalize their movie with text and music, then click a button to create their digital masterpiece.  … Read More

wazmacDigital storytelling with Animoto

Going 1:1 in 2014

Thursday 15th May 2014 The two articles below , published by Dominic Norris at Innovate My School, discuss reasons why schools are choosing tablets to fulfil their 1:1 ambitions and suggests a slight tweak on how this by-now-familiar formula might be improved. As Dominic writes…. Fundamentally, schools want to bring the undoubted benefits of a really powerful and functional device to every … Read More

wazmacGoing 1:1 in 2014

What do we want kids to do with technology?

Thursday 8th May 2014 A few years ago I walked into a classroom with a local District IT manager. The class of 9 and 10 year olds were working in groups, all engrossed in producing videos about their chosen topics. Some groups were constructing stop-motion videos, others were outside the classroom conducting hard-hitting interviews with staff. Other students were off in … Read More

wazmacWhat do we want kids to do with technology?

Google to stop scanning apps inboxes for ads

Wednesday 7th May 2014 Google has announced that it will stop scanning students’ Apps for Education accounts to target ads at them. What was somewhat lost in that announcement was that Google will also make similar changes to other account types. Google will also soon stop scanning the accounts of Google Apps customers with Business, Government and legacy accounts for the free version. … Read More

wazmacGoogle to stop scanning apps inboxes for ads

Science is fun!

Learning about the world around us has always been fun – Col. Chris Hadfield reminded us just how much fun it can be, with his series of videos from the International Space Station (ISS). Chris posted a series of videos about day-today life on the ISS – and they make great discussion-starters for science activities for all age groups. Below is … Read More

wazmacScience is fun!

iPad Apps for your classroom

What do you want to do today? A list of popular iPad content-creation apps connected to every-day curriculum-related activities. Check out the apps >>>

wazmaciPad Apps for your classroom

Dave’s ICT Info

Dave is an Assistant Principal at a local K-6 Public School. Dave’s site provides lot’s of useful information and links to resources for teachers who are integrating technology in the curriculum. Check it out >>>

wazmacDave’s ICT Info

Create Flipping Books

Students can use Flipsnack (online) to create flipping books from any PDF document. Includes a step-by-step introductory video, and examples created by students at the Singapore American School. Learn more >>>

wazmacCreate Flipping Books

KidRex – Google for younger students

KidRex is a fun and safe search tool for younger students. KidRex searches emphasise kid-related webpages from across the entire web and is powered by Google. Google’s filter checks keywords, phrases, and URLs to eliminate most inappropriate material. Check it out >>>

wazmacKidRex – Google for younger students